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Simple Way To Togian

thisi is the simple way to togian islands

For the traveler, this is the simple way to togian and the road to Togian will become a traveling experience that won’t be forgotten. Main destination in this island of Sulawesi will be presenting its beauty in your adventure. Nadine Chandrawinata in impressions of My Trip My Adventure (MTMA), the famous TV program in Indonesia says the way to togian really worth it and so it is one of the leading destinations in Indonesia.

Togian Islands National Park Overview

Togian Islands National Park in the middle of the Gulf of Tomini, Indonesia’s largest Bay, had a lot of unique places. Togian Islands is a cluster of small islands that are woven by the coral reefs and the home to the biodiversity of marine life. This area contains Coral triangle World (World’s Coral Triangle), a coral reef ecosystems is important in the world.

the simple way to explore the beautiful underwater of togian islands

Togian Islands also became the heart of the island of Sulawesi that affect the balance of the marine ecosystem in the Gulf of Tomini. Gulf of Tomini became the territory of 3 provinces (Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi and Gorontalo) and 12 counties/towns along the Gulf Coast. The Togian Islands, administratively located in the Regency Tojo Una-Una, the capital of Central Sulawesi Province Ampana.

Togian Islands was originally a part of Poso. Since the year 2003, with the establishment of new autonomous region District Tojo Una-Una, togian Islands have become part of the new County.

Togian Islands are currently divided into 6 sub-district, sub-district of Una-Una, Batudaka, Togian Subdistrict, district, Subdistrict Walea Islands Talatako Islands Subdistrict Walea Islands and great. Most of the sub-district name taken from the names of the large island which is in the Togian Islands. 6 the large island surrounded by hundreds of small islands are inhabited or uninhabited.   

As one of the leading Tourism Destinations in the Togian islands of Indonesia, offers a panorama of nature ‘ beda ‘ shared ecosystem of underwater life.

Togian Islands has become the main goal of the traveler and the diver to enjoy the new atmosphere in their adventure enjoying natural life under the sea which is rich in the heart of the island of Sulawesi. The natural beauty of this nautical accompanied by hospitality community welcomes every traveller while comes to Togian.

Tourism Object 

Attractions in the togian islands are complete. Dont asked about the underwater, ist beautiful. On land there are many uniqueness. One of them is the volcanic mountain in Una-Una Island like Mount Colo and mount Ambu, recorded as active mountain at this time. If you want tour to the waterfalls there is around the village of Wakai, namely Tanimpo waterfall which has 7 (seven) levels.

the simple way to togian islands

To support the comfortable of tourists, there is plenty of accommodation in the small islands with white sandy beach. Famous is the Kadidiri islnd, Malenge island, Una-Una Island, Bolilanga island and Pangempa Island.

Most of the resort/cottage is providing facilities for diving. If you just want to snorkel then you can swimming in front of the resort. Most of the resort front side are various kinds of healthy coral and colourful fish.

The choice of the path to the remote area is togian would be more wonderful if experienced guides together. Traveling with us will make your trip to these places becomes easy, convenient and of course, exciting with a friendly price.

Visit unique places, stay on the small island of soft white sandy beach with crystal-clear water, hopping island, the cosy and clean rooms with wonderful Islands specialities culinary, sea food.

So, this is the simple way to Togian and explore its beauty along the road to togian experienced. see the trip package here

“the adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousands peaceful day
s”-Paulo Coelho-

simple way to togian

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